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Maker Relay

Maker Relay is MakerDAO's weekly update on governance, Dai activity, and progress in the DAO.

Gold Media produced Maker Relay for over a year; the newsletter is now overseen by MakerDAO's Governance Communications team.

- Episode 75 - December 13, 2021
- Episode 75 - en español
- Episode 74 - December 6, 2021
- Episode 74 - en español

Multi-chain Dai-Lights

Multi-chain Dai-lights provided MakerDAO with weekly updates of Dai activity on various networks in both English and Spanish.

The "Where is my Dai?" and "Dai-Curious" Dashboards offer high-level overviews of Dai movement in real-time.

- January 20, 2022- 20 de enero de 2022- January 13, 2021- 13 de enero de 2022- January 6, 2021- 6 de Enero de 2022
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